Travel Candles

Editorial Travel Candle

Travel Candle NO.7

Orchid / Amber Noir / Mandarin / Musk

INSPIRED BY OUR EDITORIAL STORY. Evoking a feeling of defying transformations, a blended composition of delicate orchid, amber noir, musk, and vibrant mandarin delicately intermix for a sophisticated olfactory experience. Designed to accompany you on your travels, for wherever life may take you. Our ultra-modern matte black travel candle is the perfect companion to stow away in any carry-on or suitcase. Hand-poured in our New York atelier with a propriety blend of coconut & apricot, using a twin flame wick, as travel is always better in pairs. A scent like any new destination transports you. Capture your wanderlust with the use of fine fragrance for a sensory experience to remember. Pair With (Images below can include scented 12 oz candle, room spray, diffuser, etc.)